Bits and Pieces

by Nichole Severn

A criminologist out for justice.
A BAU agent desperate to save his career.
A dangerous path that can make them whole…or leave them in pieces.

FBI criminologist January Reese is on the hunt. A homicide victim robbed of one of her organs fits the motive behind two previous serial cases, and she senses a connection. But when her former partner—the ex who chose his job over her—is asked to consult on the case, January will do whatever it takes to ensure he can’t compromise her or this investigation.

Lincoln Dunn’s legendary career with the BAU is at risk. On probation with the unit, his only option is to solve this case ahead of January. But all too soon her insights, her compassion, and her determination to bring down a killer remind him of why he fell for her years ago. And threaten everything he’s set out to achieve.

As January and Lincoln unravel a puzzle of greed and desperation, they must rediscover the trust they once shared to stop this new brand of serial offender. Before the killer’s collection is complete.

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Category: Crime Fiction