Black Sky

by William H. Lovejoy

Cruising at a ‘black sky’ altitude of 130,000 feet, in the cockpit of the newly engineered XSO suborbital jet, U.S. Lieutenant Commander Dallas Grant reports the explosion of a Poseidon missile just minutes after its successful deep sea launch.

But then he uncovers a strange aerial attack by another suborbital craft of unknown origin equipped with military technology thought to be available only to the United States and the Soviet Union.

A silent and unidentified mystery is flying and is a threat that needs to be formally detected.

The most recent in a series of unexplained near-space disasters, the attacks are costing international state powers billions and eroding the reputation of all global satellite operation and research.

Classified data is valuable and as leaks appear emergency intelligence analysis profiles a plot by Nesei Aerospace Industries.

The Japanese munitions and communications giant could be attempting to control all black sky programs, a prospect which would undoubtedly create global chaos and economic collapse, and soon.

An atmosphere of anxiety and paranoia sets in awaiting authorisation from the President as cameras rouse suspicious, films are unaccounted for and an official record of unleaked classified data is called for.

Police are to be avoided, until a body warrants calling in the FBI.

Urgent Orders are sent to Grant and his colleague Dmitri to combine their 21st century black sky warrior strike squads in an apparently unofficial war that has already been initiated. Aware of the dangers both men consider the women they leave at home and whether they will ever return from this mission, or if they will be captured as prisoners.

Grant and his colleague Colonel Dmitri Vidorov are sent to fight the ultimate high-tech war to free the newest, most dangerous frontier of all…

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers