It is autumn now in the small town of Pine Falls, and Katey Frost, an ex-teacher, hopes to find some peace and finally enjoy her retirement.

She plans to reopen her coffee shop, which has been rebuilt by the community after it was destroyed. Now, she finally feels accepted by the local folks.

As she starts her busy day, a former student she has not seen in a long while appears before her, shaking in fear.

Something’s wrong.

Having witnessed a murder years ago, she was blackmailed. However, her money ran out and the blackmailer is now stalking her and after her life.

After reading about Katey’s heroics in the papers, she believes her former teacher is her only hope.

Katey will need the help of Police Chief Patrick O’Neil, whom she loves, and her trusty German Shepherd, Leroy, if she wants to save her former student’s life.

With the blackmailer closing in, there is no time to lose. They must act now!

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Category: Mystery – Cozy