Blood Libel

by M Lynes

1495 Seville. Can Isaac save his falsely accused friend by tracking down the real killer?

The Inquisition is determined to execute heretics like Isaac – those who practice Judaism in secret. Queen Isabella supports the Catholic church when it accuses the Jewish community of ritual killings – the ‘blood libel’. Friends and family are arrested and set against each other. Isaac is determined to find the true killer and disprove the ‘blood libel’. King Ferdinand offers to help him – can Isaac trust him?

As the mystery unravels what will Isaac uncover about himself, his friends, and his family?

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Category: Mystery – Historical

The Heretic’s Daughter

by M Lynes

The second enthralling book in this prize-winning series of historical mysteries.
‘Gripping and twisty, has everything a historical thriller ought to have, and more,’ Awais Khan, author of No Honour
‘Lynes knows his history and writes with verve,’ Historical Novel Society

Seville, 1498. As the Inquisition’s grip on Andalucia tightens, Isaac and Isabel are forced to choose between family and faith. Can their family survive the consequences?

Isaac seeks revenge on Torquemada for the murder of his wife and best friend. But he’s not the only one who wants The Grand Inquisitor dead. The King commands Isaac to investigate. If Isaac stops the assassination, he saves the man he hates. Fail and he loses the King’s protection: the only thing keeping a heretic like Isaac alive. After a perilous journey to Granada, he confronts both Torquemada and the truth about himself.

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