Blood Work

by Michael Lister

Did Ted Bundy kill Janet Leigh Lester before he was captured?

If so, where did he hide her body? If not, who did and where are her remains?

Was America’s most notorious serial killer, Ted Bundy, responsible for the Broken Heart Murder? If not, who was, and can John Jordan figure it out and redeem his childhood hero?

John’s dad is still haunted by a murder he couldn’t solve four decades ago.

On the same weekend Janet Leigh Lester was crowned Miss Valentine at the pageant and Queen at the Sweethearts dance, she disappeared, her car found in an empty field, its interior covered in blood.

The case is decades cold now, but a new clock is ticking and John Jordan has one last chance to get it right. With no jurisdiction, no support, and no real hope of solving such an old, cold case, John isn’t taking no for an answer.

Can John do what his father was unable to? Find out in this thrilling, fast-paced stand-alone mystery. Get Blood Work today and find out.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological