Bloody Elevator

by Christopher White

What do you do when your job puts your life in danger?

Benny Grey is the best photographer in town,

but now his life is in grave danger because of the photos he shot.

Grey just lost his job as the best photographer for the Sunshine Newspaper, but on the same day he got another gig with a promise to pay him enough money that will help him start his own studio.

Against his own instinct not to take the gig because of the risk involve, he took it anyway because the money was what he needs to start his own private studio.

But now his camera with the photos has been stolen from him at gun point.

While trying to get his stolen camera back, he got entangled with Elizabeth and a dead body in the elevator.

Now the head of the most dangerous gang in town wants the photos he paid for in three days or else Grey will have to pay with his life.

Will Grey be able to get his Camera and the stolen photos back in three days?

Does the dead body he found in the elevator give him the clue he needs to get his stolen camera and photos back?

If you love suspense, thriller, and crime action novels that will put you on the edge and have you read all night- then this is a must have and a must read.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime