Book of the Damned

by D. A. Fowler


Rosalyn Vaughn hasn’t been feeling well. Eerie colors, smells and sounds are making her feel dizzy and disoriented. It isn’t something she ate. It isn’t something she smoked. It’s something she read. Rosalyn loves horror novels, but the last volume she borrowed from the library shouldn’t be read late at night or, for that matter, in broad daylight. It’s called The Book of the Damned, and its readers don’t simply thrill to the terrors revealed between its covers, they live them–shrieking, relentless nightmares of madness, suicide, and murder. Now Rosalyn is about to join the other tortured innocents who checked out The Book of the Damned…and paid with their immortal souls.

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Category: Thrillers – Pulp