Bowling Bodies at Spare Lanes Alley: A Lainey Maynard Mystery Book 5

by Laura Hern

She froze when she looked inside the bag.
A red envelope peeked out from one of the bowling shoes.

Summer had ended in Mirror Falls and the hustle and bustle of tourists was finished for the year. It left an emptiness behind. For a few people, the season transitioned into an eight-month time span of excitement and expectation of weekly night meetings with friends and foes. Bowling season!
Lainey and her friends Della, Vera, and Francy, prepared their costumes for the midnight Holy Rollers Bowling Tournament, an event organized by an area pastor to raise funds for beloved locals, Gerald and Phoebe Hayward, owners of the Spare Lanes Bowling Alley.

From birthday parties and leagues every night to Scotch Doubles tournaments on weekends, Spare Lanes was the hot spot where local celebrity bowlers and newbies gathered. However, a threat of foreclosure loomed over the bowling community. Add into the mix the history of bootleggers, hidden church basement alleys, and traditions of revenge, and there’s more than bowling balls crossing the foul line.

When accusations of the past turn into murder in the present, Lainey Maynard and the Whoopee Pin-Slayers will need more than gutter bumpers, shoe covers, and shammy rags to solve the unfolding mysteries.

Bowling a perfect score of 300 can take years of practice. But does that practice make for a perfect murder?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy