Bright Lies

by AA Abbott

He stole her childhood. Can she escape before he takes her life?

Emily longs to be an artist. Her dream comes true when her new stepfather, a rich painter, begins mentoring her. To her horror, Emily finds he’s not what he seems, and sheer fear sends her fleeing his fancy home.

After facing worse dangers in a night on the streets, Emily accepts shelter in a squat. Building a future as an artist, she’s terrified to learn her stepfather has turned to the media to hunt her down. With a tempting reward at stake, can she trust her new friends to help her survive?

If you enjoy nail-biting suspense, slow-burning secrets and dark domestic noir, you’ll love AA Abbott’s chilling psychological thriller.

Read BRIGHT LIES today and stay by Emily’s side as she runs for her life!

$0.99 Previously $4.99

Category: Thrillers – Psychological