by Mark Tullius

Telepathy is illegal, the guilty sent to Brightside.

It’s Joe Nolan’s hundredth day imprisoned in the beautiful mountain town.

And he swears, one way or another, it’s going to be his last.

And, if you ever wish to experience everything that our heroes did, make sure to get Try Not to Die: In Brightside interactive adventure book.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological

Beyond Brightside: A Dark Science Fiction Adventure Thriller

by Mark Tullius

Brightside was Beautiful. Beyond is Brutal.

The exciting conclusion to the Brightside saga! In a world where mind readers are feared, Thought Thieves aren’t the only ones being tortured and killed.
Joe Nolan and his friends hoped they’d find freedom when they escaped Brightside but now they’re America’s most wanted with the Boots, the world’s largest private police force, tearing apart the country searching for them.

Their only hope is to dismantle the system that has infiltrated the lives of every citizen, creating a society where neighbors turn in their neighbors and family members are pitted against each other.

Don’t let your guard down and trust no one.

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