Broken Fingers: The Reluctant Killer

by Stephen Coombes

Jed never wanted to be a killer, but Mallala prison changes everyone.

Misfortune and malice throw Jed into a Moroccan jail for five years while Aggie, the love of his life, believes him dead. To survive, he must surrender his humanity to Malik, a psychopathic assassin who teaches him to break bones and kill without remorse. Every day, thoughts of Aggie torment him and feed his hatred for his hidden foes.

Brutalised, he returns to England looking for answers. A Foreign Office diplomat with a conscience and a CIA agent with a grudge point him in the right direction. He learns who framed him, who told Aggie he was dead and who now sleeps in her bed. He hopes when she knows the truth, she may want to see him but fears the new Jed will repulse her.

As he takes his revenge, the spirit of Malik and his love for Aggie fight for his soul.

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies