Built for a Billionaire

by Joynell Schultz

Money can’t buy you love–or can it?

After years of not trusting a woman’s true intentions, Aiden has given up on them completely. He turns to Dream Droids, the premier company in creating an artificial companion, to build him the perfect woman.

She’s smart—too smart.
And tempting—too tempting.
And Aiden can’t be tempted.

An employee is stealing from his billion-dollar company, and the police feel his corporation is somehow behind a surge of a new drug on the street called Frenzy.

When Aiden’s Dream Droid flaunts her intelligence and begins to connect the pieces, helping his company, he realizes she’s much more than a humanoid companion—she’s the love of his life.

But the more Aiden learns about her, the more he wonders if she’s hiding a secret.

Dive into this sweet(ish) romantic cozy mystery today!

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Category: Mystery – Cozy