Buried in the Backwater: A gripping murder mystery crime thriller (A Sheriff Elven Hallie Mystery Book 1)

by Drew Strickland

A lifeless girl slips into the river, cold and crumpled. Her body washes away with the rain.

Her killer remains a mystery.

Sheriff Elven Hallie has been longing for a new case that would add some excitement to his small-town life.

But a dead girl wasn’t what he expected.

On the last murder case he worked, he was just a deputy with an experienced Sheriff to guide him and they were looking for an outsider.

This time, he’s in charge, and the killer is part of their community.

Short-staffed, and newly elected, Elven has an entire West Virginia county to police. With the help of his new deputy, Maddison Cook, Elven must navigate between Dupray’s rich and poor.

It’s an uphill battle the entire way.

With pressures mounting from the townspeople, county officials, and his own sense of duty, will he be able to catch the killer? Or will another body surface, pulling Elven in over his head?

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Category: Mystery – Traditional Detectives