Caged to Kill

by Tom Swyers

Prison couldn’t destroy him. Freedom just might. Now he’s at your front door.

When convicted cop-killer Phillip Dawkins is finally sprung from prison after decades in solitary, everything about him and the outside world has changed. Phillip is a prisoner of his past and turns to friend and lawyer David Thompson for help dealing with his new life of freedom.

Convinced that someone or something is out to kill him, Phillip is ensnared in a tangled web of memory lapses, paranoid delusions, insidious desires, and horrific nightmares. Soon David gets caught up in it, endangering himself, his wife, and his son.

Can David quickly untangle Phillip’s dark web of secrets, free him from his demons, and save the family? Or will the shocking, diabolical truth unleash a serial killer first?

When a life is built on lies, the truth can be a killer . . .

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological