California Triangle

by Uzi Eilam

Dr. Gideon Ben-Ari enjoys a relaxing life in Silicon Valley. He rides his bicycle to work on his secret project developing an algorithm for a defense program against simultaneous ballistic missile barrages fired from several locations. Gideon also has a weakness for women from the past who have made their way into his heart, never to leave. When his research becomes a target for espionage by hostile fundamentalist powers, he falls personally into the crosshairs. After chance (or were they?) encounters with his first love and a music-loving scientist like himself, he becomes swept up in a passionate affair and a sinister web of espionage in which the Israeli Mossad, FBI, and Iranian Revolutionary Guards are involved. Gideon finds himself caught among powers greater and stronger than he. Will he be able to tell those he can trust from those who are trying to ensnare him in their web?

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers