Carnage: An Ode to Aria

by N. A. Fulton

A bad dream becomes a real nightmare when down-and-out Rob Gigot tries to find out who killed his ex-girlfriend. Her mother’s a Hollywood movie star, her husband’s a South American shipping magnate, and her thirteen-year-old brother is a human hand grenade. But what matters to Rob is the official story that Aria managed to shoot herself twice in the head with a shotgun.

Rob’s an ex-trust fund kid with nothing to lose. He is also a guy who won’t give up. That’s going to become a death sentence for whoever murdered Aria.

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators

Mayhem: Bite the Hand

by N. A. Fulton

Rob Gigot, working security for his father’s elite law firm, is tasked with keeping high-profile Hollywood types out of trouble until they get to court.

Except, rockstar KZ has gone from suicidal to homicidal since being charged with his girlfriend’s murder, and Rob is starting to think guys like him are why guns were invented.

Hollywood’s declared war on sexy leading actress Amber Baudlin, and she’s declared war right back. Keeping her out of trouble is going to make Rob more famous than a guy with his issues ever ought to be.

But it is artist-provocateur Victor Vogel, hated by millions, that’s going to push Rob right over the edge. What Vogel does to women is shocking. That he is determined to do it to Rob is crossing the line.

Rob’s got serious anger management issues and a lot of skeletons in his closet. The way things are going, someone is going to end up dead.

$0.99 Previously $3.99