Cast No Shadow: Dragan Kelly Book 1

by Peter Alderson Sharp

It is 1942. HMS Visigoth has been torpedoed off the coast of German occupied Norway. Sole survivor Lieutenant Dragan Kelly finds himself behind enemy lines, unsure who to trust. The Norwegian resistance share rumours about a mysterious Nazi plant where an Armageddon weapon of terrifying power is under construction.

Should Kelly escape to Russia or stay and investigate it?

And what of the stunningly beautiful but enigmatic resistance fighter Sybilla? Kelly falls in love with her, but is she all she claims to be?

Inexorably, Kelly is drawn into the murky world of espionage making unlikely friends and powerful enemies as he goes, learning bleak secrets and uncovering dark truths.

He dreams of being reunited with Sybilla. But if he finds her, will he caress her? Or kill her?

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Category: Thrillers – Espionage