Cats and Catnapping

by Julia Koty

Mira Michaels finally calls her old life quits. She moves out of her psychic sister’s house and is on the road to her new life. Her trip to Pennsylvania starts with her cat, Arnold, backseat driving. At a rest stop she witnesses a catnapping of the sweet kitty that Arnold has a crush on. Mira promises to chase the catnapper across the northeast and find the cat’s owner before she must meet her realtor at her new house.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Keys and Catastrophes

by Julia Koty

Mira Michaels can hear her cat talk. And after moving to her new home, she might see ghosts as well. This was the last thing she needed. If there was anything she wanted more, it was to get away from her sister’s psychic shenanigans. But when Mira finds her realtor dead in the kitchen, she must use all her wits not to call her sister for help. Mira’s decision to team up with the local diner owner to find the killer proves that her new town has more secrets than her cat has lives. When the clues take a surprising turn, Mira may ruin her chances at friendship. Or she might end up six feet under.

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