Chasing Ghosts

by Simon C Snake

Mike a well-known Private investigator needs to solve his partner’s murder but too many obstacles are in his way.

Mike moves to Harrisville’s small town for a new beginning in his detective work when his best friend and partner Harry gets killed just a day after his move. In his venture to figure out what Harry was involved with that may have gotten him killed, more bodies are discovered and conspiracies that lead him to believe that there is more to this small town than meets the eye.

Will he uncover the secret this town holds, or will he get lost in it and fail to find his way out?

Mike loses people close to him on this journey. He meets and makes friends that are unexpected and gets thrown in a downward spiral that frustrates him to no end.

He feels like every time he pushes to get to the truth, something worse happens that keeps him away from it. As he tries to investigate who could be behind all the mayhem and murders, he uncovers secrets he was not prepared for. He meets sources he did not see coming and learns that many deaths went unnoticed and were never addressed over time.

When he finds himself at a crossroads, he must decide whether to dig deeper when he feels like there are eyes on him all the time or if he should take the advice given to him and forget the whole thing?

If you like a gripping suspense-thriller packed with suspense and showcasing the world of private investigators, then you won’t want to miss Chasing Ghosts. Grab your copy now!

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators