Chasing Money

by Michael Balter

“A gritty, heart-pounding thriller that grabs you from the first page and won’t let you get away!” – Michael Lindley.

“Exceptionally clever and compelling.” Midwest Book Review.

Most investor pitch meetings don’t end in murder – but Marty and Bo haven’t had a lot of luck lately. They’ve been struggling to keep their startup business alive. It’s not high-tech, it’s not highly successful and the pressure to find capital has strained their bank accounts and Marty’s marriage.

So when Nico Scava offered to invest they eagerly accepted. He had money, connections in the art world, and a creative idea, but maybe they should have asked more questions. Now Nico’s dead and they’re on the hook for whatever scheme he was running. The Russian mob is after them, and if they don’t find $10 million and a mysterious missing painting in the next few days they’ll be dead too.

$0.99 Previously $9.99

Category: Thrillers – Crime