Chicago Leo

by Laikyn Meng

Do you wish to know about the loan shark of Chicago Leo?
Is there desperation in your veins to understand my claim to fame?
Are you thirsty for the dollars that sleep beneath my bed? Or which men I stepped on to gain this authority?
Come closer as I whisper, watch as my secrets fall from these burgundy stained lips.

Darling, stick around; I’ve only just begun.

Roulette was born to rule; it wasn’t in her blood but in her belief. No one dares to cross her allegiance; it’s a reckoning that leaves a deadly reminder. Plenty try and tempt her empire. Many fail, claimed by the shadows of Las Vegas.

One thing is for sure, where the Empress resides, money thrives.

Until a threat too big comes with a heartbeat, and she’ll have to decide who wins or dies.

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Thrillers – Crime