Chloe Daniels Mystery Box Set 1-3

by Deidra Green

This is the box set of the first three installments in the Chloe Daniels Mystery series: Sick, Hush and Mischief’s Mayhem.
Hush little baby, don’t say a word…

For years, Anna Black was the only child and the apple of her parents’ eyes. When baby sister, Angel, comes along, Anna’s life is quickly turned upside down. Anna will stop at nothing to win back her parents’ affection. When her tactics lose their efficacy, Anna’s desperate cries for help morph into something more sinister. Can anyone stop this angel of mercy? Find out in Sick, Sicker, Sickest… But don’t stop reading there because Hush, Book 2, introduces you to yet another serial killer, Grace Pembroke Wetherby who has her own story to tell. And there is even more, with the introduction of Major and Mayven in Mischief’s Mayhem (Book 3). More than 450 pages of thrills, chills, suspense and of course, murder…

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Category: Mystery – African American