Choice of Weapon – An Action Adventure Thriller: A Garrett Storm Thriller (Garrett & Petrus Action Packed Thrillers Book 1)

by C Marten-Zerf

When your back is against the wall you’re left with two choices…quit, or call ex-special forces soldier, Garrett Storm.

An old friend is desperate for Garrett’s help. She needs him to stop the dark and savage empire of criminals that are threatening both her life and the lives of those around her.

The ex-soldier answers her call, plunging everyone’s lives into an unimaginable maelstrom of incredible violence and brutality as he responds in the only way that he knows how.

In this explosive first installment of the Garrett Storm thrillers he goes head to head with organized crime, sowing a path of destruction and mayhem as he delivers his particular form of justice.

They have no knowledge of the violent past they are about to expose.

This time he may have gone too far…

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Category: Thrillers – Crime