Clarke and Fairchild Books 1-5

by T.M. Parris

To disgraced British spy Rose Clarke, John Fairchild is her last desperate hope of restoring her career. To embittered intelligence mercenary John Fairchild, Clarke stands for everything he’s rejected. From the moment they meet, they are dragged on a journey which takes them across the world in pursuit of adversaries seen and unseen, facing threats both global and intensely personal. The first five books in the Clarke and Fairchild series tell the complete back story of Fairchild’s missing parents right through to its shocking conclusion. A massive read that will take you across Europe and Asia into the frozen wilderness, the heart of the liveliest cities, the honeypots of the wealthy and the backwater realms of the most dangerous and threatened. Fast-paced action with atmosphere, menace and plot twists, this is perfect for fans of John Le Carre, Daniel Silva, Mick Herron and the Bourne films!

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Category: Thrillers – Espionage