Code Blue

by Zvika Amit

A divorcée history professor and peace activist, Rinat Gal finds herself involved in a passionate love affair with Gavrush, a married settler. When a secret cabal conspires to change the face of the country, Rinat cannot escape the notion that she is more involved than she realized. Following a violent coup, as Israel transforms into a theocratic military dictatorship, Rinat discovers that her lover plays a leading role in the cabal and decides to take desperate actions.

Ten years after its publication, Code Blue is realistic and relevant than ever before. Zvika Amit convincingly describes the transformation of Israel from democracy to a theocratic fascist regime. With a masterful eye, Amit weaved a sophisticated and reliable plot that confronts the foundation of the Israeli society. A convincing, frightful, and stimulating thriller that delivers a chilling and realistic representation of a probable scenario.

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Category: Thrillers – Terrorism