Cold River Rising

by Enes Smith

Three weeks into his new post as tribal police chief on the Cold River Indian Reservation of Oregon, retired Portland homicide detective Martin Andrews is already wondering, What the hell am I doing here? Then what he thought would be a laid-back retirement gig kicks up into an action-filled international kidnapping thriller, and he gets a crash course in modern warfare—Indian style.

The Šiyàpu (white man) tribal police chief is still struggling to understand a new culture and the people he serves, when Chairman Bluefeathers’ granddaughter, along with other students and their professor on a study trip, is kidnapped by the Shining Path in the mountains of central Peru. The State Department not only refuses to help, but places the students in further danger from the local police and secret police, in addition to the already-present threat from the rebels and the Peruvian and United States armies.

As leader of the sovereign nation of Cold River, Bluefeathers declares war on Peru (yeah, you read that right!) and sends Martin to head up a four-person war party to retrieve the students. Crazy old man. (Crazy like a fox.) The chairman shows himself to be a skilled modern statesman and military strategist, and the Cold River Indian Reservation is joined by other Indian tribes in a show of force and solidarity. In the voices of a damaged cop, young Native-Americans learning to walk the path between two cultures, and their wiser elders, Smith weaves a multi-layered story of courage, redemption, sacrifice, death, honor, and a people coming together.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals