Cold War Trilogy – A Three Book Boxed Set: of Spy Versus Spy Action Adventure Thrillers

by William F. Brown

Three of the authors’ best-selling historic action-adventure thrillers, plus a fourth bonus novel, all for the price of two. Over 1200 pages of exciting reading at a 50% savings, it’s the best deal on the web.

You get Winner Lose All, Amongst My Enemies, and Thursday at Noon, plus a bonus copy of Aim True, My Brothers. Together they have 286 Five-Star ratings on almost 500 Reviews, an average of 4.4 Stars.

Set in the spring of 1945, “Winner Lose All” features American, Russian, British agents fighting themselves and the Gestapo over the German weapons technology which will determine the world’s balance of power for years to come. At the center of “Amongst My Enemies” is a rusting German U-boat lying on the bottom of the Baltic. Inside is a fortune in gold and stolen art, and secret that could tear NATO apart. In “Thursday at Noon”, reviewed in The New Yorker and set in Egypt in 1962, a burned-out CIA agent is all that stands between German rocket scientists, the CIA, KGB, a coup in Cairo, and a new Middle-East war.

Need a pool book, beach book, or some good reads for a long plane ride? These fast-paced spy stories are known for their pacing, twisting plot lines, and some deliciously evil bad guys. See if you don’t agree.

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Category: Thrillers – Military