Confessions of the Assistant Extraordinaire: PI Assistant Extraordinaire Bundle, Books 1-3 a cozy mystery

by Lotta Smith

Get three PI Assistant Extraordinaire Mysteries in a bundle.
More than 100,000 words, humorous mystery books.

Ghostly Murder
A murder in a locked room…The faceless ghost… Throw in a cross-dressing detective plus his assistant extraordinaire in this new mystery series!

A high profile murder calls for a high profile detective.

When the famous Sushi Czar is found dead in a room that’s locked from the inside, the evidence just doesn’t add up. Of course a killer ghost (supernatural killer) is no match for the deductive skills of Michael Archangel. The fabulous cross-dressing former FBI agent can rock a set of sky high stilettos and assemble clues like puzzle pieces, but can he actually prove a ghost committed murder?

Only his assistant knows for sure. Former housewife and London socialite Kelly Kinki (it’s Kinki ending with an I not a Y) may someday be the Watson to Archangel’s Holmes, but for now, she’s following orders, coveting his fashion sense and learning from the master PI that there’s something truly fishy about this case.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy