by Matthew Staggs

A virus with no cure.

A government with no options.

Infection is only the beginning for those discovered by the CDC. A father learns his daughter has caught the disease, and must choose between waiting to be caught, or taking his family on the run.

Hours after watching their neighbors “contained” by CDC agents, Martin Gratz discovers that his daughter also shows the signs of infection. Their fate if they decide to wait is clear. Their chances of escaping if they run are slim to none.

The danger they face on the road is nothing compared to the danger that would come knocking on their door.

For decades, the government has fought back the spread of the virus. Their strength is in knowing the secrets of those they are sworn to protect. But what secrets of their own do they keep?

If you like chilling dystopian futures, gripping post-apocalyptic survival, and shocking conspiracies, you’ll love Containment.

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Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies