Corsair: The King’s X Protocol

by Stephen T. Harper

Very few can remember their past lifetimes. The fact that you are not one of them is not an accident, it is the greatest conspiracy of all time. All that you are, all that you were…The King’s X will reveal.

Sean Dedalus is the world’s greatest thief – part James Bond, part Jack Sparrow. Leading a small crew of swashbuckling modern-day pirates aboard the sailing yacht ‘Leila’, and with his “Corsair” operation riding high, Dedalus suddenly gets a harsh reminder – karma never forgets. When a woman from his (very) distant past returns to re-ignite an ancient mystery, Dedalus is caught in the crosshairs.To make matters worse… he’s made the old mistake again. He’s let people get close. He might even care. Dedalus has always loved being the villain. Now he must do his least favorite thing… find a way to be the hero.

$2.99 Previously $4.99

Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime