Courageous Girl

by Julia Payne

A local police department responds to a strange 911 call. Her mysterious disappearance has authorities scrambling for an answer.
Nothing about it makes sense to the small police department, but since a kidnapping might have been committed, the Feds are brought in. From the minute Sam Hemming arrives at the home of the caller and his missing wife, things start to go wrong. Forensics can’t seem to find any trace of anything. No evidence of a crime and no evidence of anyone even living in the house. No hair, no prints, not even traces of skin.

What looks like no evidence of a regular crime becomes evidence of sinister activity and Sam is forced to work outside the perimeters of the Bureau to get to the bottom of it. All the while she is trying to get to the truth. She has to work against colleagues who think that she is on the take or works for the cartel.
The deeper she dives into the case, the stranger connections she finds to other nefarious plots. Things begin to come into focus when the petty crimes that surface are actually part of a cover-up for a larger conspiracy that is stretched across governments. Sam is all alone but her sense of duty drives her to solve the puzzle and save the flag and constitution that she loves.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime