Coyote’s Revenge

by Vannetta Chapman

Aiden Lewis must find a way to avoid collateral damage and catch a terrorist, when a high school teacher is caught in a plot for revenge.

Lewis is the perfect undercover agent—a millionaire playboy who has committed his life to protecting his country. Madison Hart is caught in the terrorist web of an insurgent named Coyote. Unaware that her life is in danger, she finds herself falling for the elusive Aiden Lewis. But Aiden disappears for days at a time, and he has a past that haunts him.

Coyote is the mastermind behind operation Dambusters, which is compromised because of Aiden. Coyote knows the way to hurt Aiden is to target Madison. As Coyote makes his move for revenge, both Aiden and Madison must face their past while their future hangs precariously in the balance.

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Category: Thrillers – Terrorism