Crossed Hearts

by S.W. Vaughn

Cross your heart and hope he dies…

Joslyn Carmichael has the perfect life — at least on the outside. A wealthy, gorgeous husband, beautiful twin girls, and a magazine-worthy home. All the things she dreamed of while she was growing up poor. She’s fought hard to achieve those dreams, endured more than any woman should have to.

But everything comes crashing down when the Crossed Hearts Killer murders her husband … and all she can think about is how wrong it must be, to feel glad that he’s dead.

After Matthew Carmichael becomes the sixth victim of the serial killer who’s still on the loose in their suburban town, Joslyn is invited to join an odd, home-brewed support group along with four of the five other widows created by the murders.

One is a new friend with a dark shared past.

One is an old friend with new secrets.

Two are being actively investigated by the police.

And they all have motives to want their husbands dead.

Now the clock is ticking down to the Crossed Hearts Killer’s next victim, and Joslyn and her new friends are drawn into an investigation of their own as they race to prove each other’s innocence and identify the actual killer.

The only problem is: do they really want to stop him?

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological