Cult Justice

by Dennis Carstens

The sixties aren’t just a bad memory in the tenth riveting installment of Dennis Carstens’s Marc Kadella legal thriller mystery series. Professor Ben Sokol is exactly as you’d image him: a single, fifty-something-year-old history teacher, schooled in radical anti-Reagan pacifism of the 80s, an underappreciated, self-believing genius—with a dose of rage bubbling just beneath the surface.

Seemingly taking a page out of A People’s History of the United States, Ben gives an out-of-left-field lecture pronouncing that capitalism itself caused the Great Depression, landing him in the driver’s seat he’s always dreamed of: the darling of the impressionable Midwest State-Minnesota University student body and High Priest of the Left. In an unlikely coincidence, hotshot attorney Marc Kadella’s acrimonious divorce case is tied to a series of bank heists staged by student activists run amok.

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Category: Mystery – Hard-Boiled