Dance with the Butcher

by J. Grant Thompson

They were tasked with stopping him. He was determined to stay one step ahead. Let the dance begin. Lieutenant Sydney Berry, head of the 108th homicide division, had never encountered anything like the killing machine dubbed “The Butcher.” As victims fall, the pressure mounts for he and his fellow detectives. Shirley Richards, the face of the city’s number one television station, is determined to hold the NYPD accountable. Intensely driven, she encounters boundaries she had never thought herself capable of crossing. In a world full of black and white choices, she discovers there are varying shades of gray. Falling in love is just one more unexpected complication. Shirley comes to a crossroads where her career aspirations dramatically collide with her heart. Spellbinding twists and turns, suspense, counter-punches, and volleys… make this one very exhilarating dance to remember.

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Category: Crime Fiction