Dark Harvest: A Newcastle Novel

by Garret Gorham

Dark Harvest: A Newcastle Novel

An evil born of the devil’s seed is growing…
Driven from Salem, Massachusetts, at the height of the witch hunts, a coven calling itself “Sohm” has found a new home in the forest outside of Cooke’s Creek, Vermont, next to William Fletcher’s humble farm. Within those woods, revenge will be theirs.

Soon after their arrival, strange events begin to happen. Fields smell of death. Livestock are slaughtered by unseen hands. The water turns bad. The church-going townspeople begin to turn on each other.

A diabolical being beyond comprehension has been summoned.

What was once a peaceful hamlet of God-fearing people has turned into a sadistic community of deception, backstabbing, and violence.

Will good triumph, or will evil permanently take root?

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Category: Suspense