Daughter of Damascus

by Hussin Alkheder

In the days leading up to the eruption of war in Syrian cities, an ordinary apartment nestled within the ancient heart of Damascus becomes the stage for an extraordinary tale. Against a backdrop of fading grandeur, a story of domestic terror unfolds.
Upon a worn couch lies the lifeless body of a mother, leaving behind four daughters and a disabled son, their eyes filled with disbelief. As her husband and father-in-law conspire with a corrupt officer, a web of deception is spun to mask their sinister intentions. The enigmatic ‘unofficial private detective,’ Mullah Abdullah from the opulence of Dubai to the heart of Syria, digs for justice, but the clues remain elusive, like stars in the desert night. Darkness engulfs the Mullah as he’s detained on his way back to Syria and subjected to unspeakable horrors, the reasons behind his torment unknown even to him. Emerging from the abyss, the Mullah discovers his favorite mosque student has vanished, drawn into the clutches of an extremist group entwined in revolution’s tapestry.
Mullah Abdullah’s amateur sleuthing falls short. As war drums echo and shadows dance, he must transform into a true investigator, peeling back the layers shrouding the victims’ fates. In ancient Damascus, where every stone holds a story, he endeavors to unearth the enigmatic secret binding their destinies.

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Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime