Day of the Dead

by R. Allen Chappell

Tressa Tarango’s husband lost his soul somewhere on the cold high desert of the Navajo Reservation. She doesn’t know who killed him and only by venturing among warring drug cartels can she exact the revenge to pacify his restless soul. Only she can ensure Luca’s troubled spirit finds peace in the underworld. Though his murderous rampage will keep him from heaven—Tressa hopes she might yet secure him a higher place in hell.
The dead have secrets yet to tell, and in the mysterious world of the desert southwest, no writer tells them better than Chappell. With a rock solid grip on the people, history and lives of the Diné, Chappell now leads the reader further into a world of mystery and intrigue as two powerful cultures clash. And while the spirit of a serial killer whispers to Tressa Tarango, Paul T’Sosi finds himself suspended between life and death—and with only one old friend to rescue him from the darker forces of both the real and ethereal world.

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Category: Mystery – Series