Dead Air: A Waco Mystery

by Mary L Hamilton

Jeff wasn’t the same man Kit Squires had married, but was he capable of murder?

A year has passed since he lost his job as a radio host, yet her husband stubbornly clings to the hope of being rehired. Jeff begs Kit to be patient for a little longer. But her physical therapy earnings alone can’t support the family, and their bank account is streaking toward the danger zone—much like her marriage. Desperate, Kit issues an ultimatum—get a job or move out.

Then gunshots blast across the airwaves of Jeff’s former show. And in the dead air that follows, he utters some troubling last words. He had no reason to be at the station. Was this why he’d asked for “just a little more time?”

Torn between believing the evidence against Jeff or trusting the integrity of the man she thought she knew, Kit’s choice puts her at odds with her son, Bryce. One of them has to be wrong and that could have fatal consequences.

Was the evidence lying or had she been fooled by Jeff all along? That’s the question Kit must answer in Dead Air: A Waco Mystery, a novel about a family in crisis and the importance of character.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths