Dead Beach

by Brian Bowers

Ernie Thompson has a brother, Tewie, who has moved back to their hometown to open a pub with his new partner, Don Mann. Opening night is an exciting time – until the partner’s wife Janet goes missing. She doesn’t arrive at her resort room that night, and Don Mann calls Tewie in a panic. Tewie is the last person known to have seen her. Mann has called the police to investigate Janet’s baffling disappearance. That begins a trail of mystery that follows a path of treachery straight back to Dead Beach – and a difficult choice for Ernie. He must help his brother, no matter what dangers he might face. He returns to Dead Beach for a meeting with a mysterious stranger, and finds his life in great peril. The path to the truth is filled with rocks and covered with darkness, and Ernie struggles to shine a light on the path. And even though he is accused of interfering in an investigation, his instincts drive him to carry on, no matter what the cost. He looks for a way forward through the darkness of lies and deceit, determined to finally learn the truth. The way forward is filled with twists and turns, and evil he has never known before. With dogged determination, he pushes ahead, unable to stop his passionate resolve to solve the mystery

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Category: Mystery – Traditional Detectives