Dead In The Water

by Jake Grenier

In the picturesque ocean town of Cape May, New Jersey, recent high school graduate Finn Lawson has big dreams of becoming a marine biologist. He has a deep love for both the ocean and his best friend, Theo Moore. As he comes close to graduation, Finn’s world seems full of promise and possibility. Theo, Cape May’s revered lifeguard, is an enigmatic presence, ostracized by the townsfolk due to rumors and whispered secrets. Despite the obstacles, Finn remains steadfastly loyal. As their connection intensifies, Finn finds himself captivated by the mysterious depths of their relationship.
Yet, in one fateful night of revelry, everything changes. Theo vanishes without a trace, leaving Finn bereft and grappling with unanswered questions. Desperation sets in as Finn confronts the harsh reality of his friend’s disappearance and the shocking discovery that someone in the town has been murdered, with Theo as the possible victim of the murder.
Haunted by grief and propelled by a relentless pursuit of truth, Finn embarks on a harrowing quest to uncover the chilling secrets lurking within Cape May’s shadows. With each step closer to the elusive killer, Finn becomes a target himself, trapped in a treacherous game of cat and mouse.
As memories of Theo intertwine with the present, Finn must navigate a treacherous landscape of memories and deception. Will he find solace in unraveling the truth behind Theo’s murder, or will he succumb to the ever-present threat lurking in the depths of Cape May?

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Category: Mystery – LGBT