Your Mystery and Thriller Book Bargains for September 28, 2023


Seven, eight … Gonna stay up late

by Willow Rose

A hair-raising thriller from an Amazon Bestselling Author!

She thought she could keep it a secret.

Just fourteen years old, Amalie thought she could take off and go to the festival with her best friend without anyone knowing it – without her parents finding out. She thought she was safe when she met a man offering her drugs; she thought she was safe when she went alone to her tent to take the pills. However, when she opened her eyes and found herself in the man’s basement, she knew she was not safe anymore.

She was trapped.

Seven, Eight … Gonna stay up late is the fourth novel in Willow Rose’s Bestselling series about the Danish journalist Rebekka Franck.

$0.00 Previously $4.99

Category: Suspense


The Portrait

by Emilia Kelly

Every work of art tells a story. And every story has its secrets.

London, 1850. Iris Sheffield has plenty of people to worry about in her life: Hope, the ailing younger sister for whom Iris feels responsible. Winston, Iris’s fiancé, who is consumed with his work. And James, the handsome but arrogant artist painting Iris’s portrait, with whom she is forced to spend countless, awkward hours.

But when Iris finds the diary and photograph of a mysterious young woman, she can’t stop wondering who the woman is and what has become of her. The more questions Iris asks, the more she suspects someone does not want her to discover the answers.

Exploring themes of sisterly bonds, familial obligations, and the lengths we go to for those we love, The Portrait illustrates the surprising and frightening ways a work of art can tell a story.

$0.99 Previously $7.99

Category: Mystery – Historical


Sweet Muffin Ranch

by Matthew Blasi

Gamblers, grifters, ne’er-do-wells, and dirt poor—to those who live on the outskirts of Columbia, South Carolina, such is the reputation of the Temmens family. Most of all, they’re known to be trouble, and when Gene, the youngest son, returns from a vagabond trip around the country, that’s exactly what he brings.
Hounded by Texas bookies, Gene and his destitute family have no choice but to gamble on one last ace: The Sweet Muffin Ranch, their family-owned and operated dog rescue and rehabilitation center that, to everyone’s surprise, quickly becomes a runaway success, one that makes the Temmens the talk of the town and offers Gene the chance to leave behind his illicit past.
But when Hollis Lerne, a nefarious local loan shark arrives to collect on old gambling debts and one of the Texans goes missing under suspicious circumstances, Gene and his family are caught in the middle of a bloody, unorthodox war that threatens the lives of humans and canines alike.

$0.99 Previously $4.99

Category: Suspense


Black Danube

by Nik Grybaski

How do you save a woman who’s confessed to murder when you know she didn’t do it?

In the ghettos of Vienna in 1899, a young man lies dead, his fiancée arrested. But crime photographer Leo Katz’s images prove she is innocent.

When corrupt police officers hide the evidence, Leo vows to bring the killers to justice. Even if it risks revealing he is in disguise and on the run.

With the help of his pathologist friend, Doctor Rosenbloom, and his assistant Lucy Strauss, Leo infiltrates a nefarious network of vice controlled by fraudulent government officials.

As Leo and his companions delve deeper into the sordid world of depravity hidden behind the city’s elegant facades, he discovers the gruesome death is a smokescreen for more heinous crimes.

Now Leo must bring the murderers to justice before he becomes their next victim.

If you enjoy vivid writing full of suspense, intriguing characters, and a different take on the historical crime fiction genre, then this tension-filled drama is for you.

$0.99 Previously $4.99

Category: Mystery – Historical

Your Mystery and Thriller Book Bargains for September 27, 2023

The Deadliest Lead

by Hanna Wren

When a routine dog walk leads to a violent discovery, criminology student Jenna Stack finds herself caught in a web of international intrigue. Can she discover the truth and expose the assassins? Or will she die trying?

Twenty-six-year-old Jenna Stack is having a terrible day. After dumping her cheating boyfriend Liam, she moves in with her best friend Dave, and accepts a job with his high-end pet-sitting service. But in the glittering world of New York society, things are not always as they seem. When Max the bulldog drags Jenna into the middle of a brutal mugging, she becomes an unwitting target in a high-stakes game of cat and mouse. With varying degrees of help and interference from a brilliant professor, handsome client, hipster hacker, arrogant cop, and enigmatic FBI agent, Jenna must hone her skills, face her fears, and learn to trust her instincts before she ends up dead.

The Deadliest Lead is a fast-paced thriller full of unexpected twists. If you like action, intrigue, and a healthy dose of humor, you’ll love this page-turner by Hanna Wren.

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Mystery – Series

Lethal Target

by Dan Stone

If you like Mark Dawson, Steven Leather, Robert Ludlum’s Jason Bourne and Lee Child’s Jack Reacher, you will love this heart-stopping thriller.

A violent encounter forces Jack Kane to emerge from a life in hiding, where he had hoped his wife and children would be safe. He must go on the run and fight for the lives of those he holds most dear.

$0.99 Previously $4.99

Category: Thrillers – Crime

I Remember Everything

by Marnie Vinge

Stephanie Silkwood goes overboard into the Amazon River on a luxury cruise with her husband and their two friends. She hits her head and when she comes to on the deck of the boat, she can’t remember anything about what happened right before she went overboard except one thing: someone pushed her.

She suspects her husband and as they cruise deeper into the Amazon, she starts to think her traveling companions might have had something to do with it as well. Tensions rise and old resentments and secrets threaten to destroy them all.

On an overnight trip into the jungle, the four travelers find themselves at an ayahuasca retreat and things go sideways when Stephanie begins to remember all that she has forgotten.

And not everyone is going to make it out of the jungle alive.

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Thrillers – Psychological

Killer Cruise

by AR Winters

Welcome to Las Vegas – and a series of cupcakes-and-crime mysteries! Cupcake-loving croupier Tiffany tries to solve four murders (and a daring art heist!) in this box set of four bestselling books. Her match-making mother and poker-playing Nanna insist on “helping” her out, as does her new friend and neighbor, Ian Ewanson.

$0.00 Previously $3.99

Category: Mystery – Cozy

Innocent in Las Vegas (Book One)

by AR Winters

Prepare To Be Hooked: A Cupcakes-And-Crime Caper!

A poker-hustling grandma, a mysterious bodyguard, and intimidating casino henchmen: can Tiffany Black navigate the dangerous web of secrets to uncover the truth behind casino-mogul Ethan Becker’s death?

$0.00 Previously $3.99

Category: Mystery – Cozy

Monotone Masquerade

by George Veck

Fifteen-year-old Justin Billings wants nothing more than to break the destructive chain of enmeshment clouding his deliberately sheltered adolescence. However, autonomy is fiercely chastised in the Billings household. Justin’s newfound dignity threatens his scheming single-mother Wendy’s benefit scam, of which Justin’s fabricated autism diagnosis serves as an integral cog.

Whether forced into spending time with unsavoury babysitters, or following Wendy on her endeavours, Justin lives a burdensome life. Never fully welcome, wherever he goes. Being the only kid at school without a mobile phone only adds to his isolation.

Determined to flee Wendy’s unbearable psychological abuse, Justin wittingly enters the north Wales care system. Unbeknown to him, only compounding his brittle vulnerability. While desperate for independence, engrained self-abhorrence sees him perpetually preyed on by society’s wolves. Local tearaway and fellow resident, Darcy Quinney, sniffs his diffidence from a mile off, and gleefully assumes Wendy’s puppeteer role.

$0.00 Previously $1.99

Category: Thrillers – Crime

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