Death of a Duchess

by Nellie Steele

An unexpected marriage proposal from a Duke blindsides her. Will it lead to a fairytale ending or certain death?

Lenora expected her unique ability would condemn her to a life of solitude, shunned by society. But when she receives an unexpected marriage proposal hinging on it, Lenora is shocked. All she must do in exchange for the life of a duchess is use her communicative skills to determine the reason for the former Duchess of Blackmoore’s suicide.

Beyond the strange blackening on the stones of Blackmoore Castle, Lenora discovers another darkness lurks in her new Scottish Highlands home. The secrets housed within the castle walls chill Lenora to the bone… and threaten her own life.

Will Lenora discover the hidden truth behind the death of the former duchess? Or will she, too, fall prey to a similar fate?

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Category: Mystery – Historical

Letter to a Duchess

by Nellie H. Steele

Only she can prove his innocence. But will it make her the killer’s next victim? Can her connection with the dead keep her alive?

Lenora Fletcher is settling into her new role as Duchess of Blackmoore, after having put the ghost of her husband’s first wife to rest. But when her ne-er-do-well brother-in-law is accused of murder, only Lenora can help him.

Using her ability to communicate with the dead, Lenora must contact the deceased sailor and determine who his real killer is in order to clear Edwin’s name. But will her involvement cause the killer to end another life? And will that life be her own?

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