Death on the Seine

by Evan Hirst

A beautiful spring day in Paris… What could possibly go wrong?

For Ava Sext, a transplanted Londoner who sells books from a outdoor stand overlooking the Seine, her day goes from bad to worse when the tall, handsome stranger whose appearance her horoscope predicted disappears after he is almost killed before her eyes, and that’s before she discovers he supposedly died weeks earlier!

With the help of her fellow bookseller, Henri DeAth, a former notary in a country where notaries are a powerful caste, Ava attempts to find her not-so-dead man while trying to stay alive.

“Death on the Seine” is a light-hearted cozy mystery set in Paris, a city where food, wine and crime make life worth living… along with a few books and Mercury, the cat.

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Mystery – Cozy