by Galen Micheal

The poison will kill his sister…
…unless James finds help.
But who can he trust?
Fifty years into the future, the world has crumbled except for Bannock, the major city where technology and wealth make for a comfortable life. It’s a dangerous time to be alive. At 17 years old, James has never known anything but back-breaking work. He has grudgingly tolerated the current situation, but now he has no choice.
He must go to the capital.
Leaving his town is one thing; surviving is another.
The border patrol has one job, and that’s to keep people like him away from the ultra-
wealthy citizens they’ve sworn to protect.
It doesn’t go as planned. When James meets a mysterious woman, who offers to help, he has no choice but to accept.
But can he trust her?
Amora seems to be hiding something.
Can they figure out how to get into the city and find an antidote to save his sister, or will
their journey end in tears?
Time is short.
You’ll love this young adult apocalyptic fiction because it has the perfect blend of action and suspense to keep you turning the pages.
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Category: Suspense