Deep Hurt

by Eva Hudson

He killed his daughter. Now he’s taken his son.

Ingrid Skyberg joined the FBI to bring one man to justice: the man who abducted her best friend when she was fourteen. It’s been eighteen years and she’s never stopped looking for him… or for the friend who has never been seen since. Today’s the day she’s finally going to get some answers.

But before she gets the phone call she’s always dreaded, Ingrid—the FBI’s criminal investigator in London—receives orders from the Pentagon to track down a pilot who has gone AWOL from a US Air Force base in rural Suffolk. Accused of murdering his baby daughter, he’s now abducted his eight-year-old son and gone on the run.

Ingrid must act fast to stop the pilot doing something no one will forgive him for, but a terrifying turn of events lands Ingrid in the greatest danger, just as haunting memories from the past threaten to engulf her.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime