Delta Blue (Colonel McKenna Adventure Book 1)

by William H Lovejoy

The early 1990s.

A reunified Germany is pouring funds into developing its military capability.

When a US space station spots unusual oil drilling activity in the seas around Greenland, their curiosity is piqued.

Especially when they discover that the oil wells are owned by the mysterious Bremerhaven Petroleum Corporation, yet heavily guarded by German state military…

Soon, astronaut Kevin McKenna – and the team of secret MakoShark rocket pilots he heads up – are embroiled in a covert plan to discover what’s really going on.

Caught up in the tensions of space-station life and an unlikely alliance with the Soviets, McKenna and his team embark on a series of challenging missions to unveil the true and chilling plans of the Germans.

But as events escalate and the threat of World War 3 looms, skill, stamina and technology are all put to the test.

Delta Blue is a thrilling ride into the world of space stations, military espionage, and geo-political tensions. It is the first book in the Colonel McKenna Adventure series.

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers