Demon King

by Erik Henry Vick

Insatiable demons hide behind human faces as they feed on the terror of children. How can they be overcome if no one knows they are there?

2018 Reader’s Favorite International Book Award Horror Finalist.
“The tension never lets up…the thrills and horrors are engrossing.” —Publisher’s Weekly

Oneka Falls, 1979. Children begin to disappear from a small town in Western New York. Forced to play horrific, unspeakable games in the dark woods surrounding the town, the children must escape the nightmarish creatures that pursue them. Only three manage to survive, but with scarred minds. As the kids bury their memories, their tormentors retreat deep into the heart of the forest…awaiting the right moment to return.

Rochester, 2007. As a criminal pathologist, Dr. Andrew Reid has seen the darkness within the human mind. With the unique ability to see beneath the demons’ disguises, his nature compels him to hunt the vile creatures. When he visits Oneka Falls, he’s terrified to discover a town overrun by demons—far too many for him to face on his own. Aided by the children who escaped the terrible Demon King in 1979, Reid concocts a plan to end the nightmare.

But who will be destroyed, the team of demon hunters or the ancient evils that plague the town?

Demon King is a terrifying epic horror story that will make your skin crawl. If you like spine-tingling scenes, complex twisting plots, and downright creepy action, then you’ll love this dark, tense thriller from Erik Henry Vick.

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Category: Suspense