by Brian Battison

Join Chief Inspector Jim Ashworth, a 30-year veteran policeman with a fierce pride in his job, and his team of investigators in solving crimes, kidnappings and catching gruesome serial killers. The first mystery in this five book box-set, TIED TO MURDER, has Jim investigating the killing of a young woman. Was it the husband? Jim isn’t so sure. Book 2, THE PRICE OF MURDER sees Jim solving the kidnapping of factory owner Simon Edwards. In book 3, FLIRTING WITH MURDER, Jim is called in to investigate a potential serial killer. Book 4, MURDER IN THE COTTAGE, has Jim looking into a threating message sent to an alleged witches’ descended. In book 5, MURDER IN THE LIBRARY, Jim’s search for the killer leads him into a twilight world of gangsters and drug dealers.

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Category: Mystery – Series