Devil in the Countryside

by Cory Barclay

Devil in the Countryside is a story about the most famous werewolf investigation in history.

It’s 1588, the height of the Reformation. A killer is terrorizing the German countryside. There are reports that the “Werewolf of Bedburg” has returned to a once-peaceful land. Heinrich Franz, a cold investigator, is tasked with finding who–or what–the killer might be. He enlists the help of a strange hunter who’s recently stumbled into town. Though they’re after the same thing, their reasons are worlds apart. Meanwhile, a priest tries to keep the peace among his frightened townsfolk, while a young woman threatens his most basic beliefs.

In a time when life is cheap and secrets run rampant, these four divergent souls find themselves entwined in a treacherous mystery, navigating the volatile political and religious landscape of 16th century Germany, fighting to keep their sanity, and their lives.

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Category: Mystery – Historical